Slapstick Fighter Presskit

Publisher: Cybernate

Release Date: iOS - 25th July 2019, Android - TBD

Platforms: iOS Universal, Android

Store Links: iOS

Price: Free

Social: @chris_suffern

Team Members: Chris Suffern

Press Contact:


A physics based fighting game with same-device multiplayer for two players.

Two button controls, with a surprising amount of depth, and moves.

Single king-hit knockouts make each round tense, quick and brutal.


  • Same-device multiplayer
  • Two button controls
  • A surprising amount of moves for two buttons
  • Physics based combat
  • Easy to play, hard to master


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The Team

Slapstick Fighter was developed by one man developer Chris Suffern, who works under his Sydney Australia based studio Cybernate.

Chris' previous title was the console game Super Mutant Alien Assault, made in Game Maker, with art by the pixel wizard Fabian Jastremski.

Slapstick Fighter is Chris' attempt to dip his toe into a new platform (mobile) with a new engine (Unity).

It's inspired by mobile games he had fun playing with his son. The same-device multiplayer experience is one he wants to enable others to share with their family and friends.